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Fred Dodson has been teaching “Reality Creation” for over 25 years. In short, that  there are many versions of “you” and that you can access higher-versions of yourself by which you attract different experiences into your life. He has penned 23 books in 7 languages; 15 of which have now been recorded as audiobooks. This site includes the complete collection in one place, with updates on the latest releases and more! 

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Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller always knew he wanted to be in broadcasting. As a child, he would make a microphone from a paper towel tube and aluminum foil. He had his first radio job at 19 and was a news anchor at 21. Manifesting came quickly for his childhood dream. Thomas is now the voice of Fred Dodson’s audiobooks, bringing this life-changing material to your phone or MP3 player so you can literally take it with you everywhere. 

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Fred Dodson has 21 of his books now on audio. Many ask – “where should I start?”

These 3 books provide a beautiful perspective on our Journey as a Soul. From “Levels of Energy” (the best book to begin with) which describes our life on earth relative to a Scale of Consciousness to “Journeys in Spectral Consciousness” which extends the Scale to the non-physical, to “Lives of the Soul” which offers a unique perspective on what happens after death and in-between lives. 

Pick up all three to become a master of the “Levels of Energy.”

Levels of Energy

Introduces the Scale of Energy from 0 to 1000, what each level means and how to apply it in our daily lives. This is the best Fred Dodson book to begin with if you are new to his work. Then do Spectral Consciousness next.

Journeys in Spectral Consciousness, Levels of Energy Book 2 Audiobook, Fred Dodson

Spectral Consciousness

Explores higher and lower realms than in Book One, plus compares similarities of the 5 major religions.

Lives of the Soul

What happens in-between incarnations? This book will open your mind to all kinds of new information you likely haven't heard in other places. This rounds out the 3 books that will give you a new perspective that we indeed are on a soul journey.

Fred Dodson Audiobooks!

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Atlantis and the Garden of Eden

Ancient Aliens of Atlantis

Money Attraction

Fred Dodson has written three books that specifically address the energy and Universal Laws surrounding money. Each one addresses a specific component that will help you raise your overall vibration surrounding money. Pick up all three on or iTunes TODAY!

Success Attracts Success Audiobook, Fred Dodson

Success Attracts Success

Dealing mostly with career and work, this book focuses on how you can position yourself for excellence in the workplace, or as an entrepreneur or business owner, in a way that will raise your money vibration. When you love what you do, money flows more freely.

Prosperity Consciousness Audiobook, Fred Dodson

Prosperity Consciousness

Before we attract money into our lives, we must be in the right alignment with Universal Laws that put us in the vibration that allows money to flow into our lives. Then, money flows to us easily. This book talks about how to align with that vibration.

Magnetic Wealth Attraction Audiobook, Fred Dodson

Magnetic Wealth Attraction

Written in a series of short, very pointed chapters per topic, this book covers much ground. Also, Chapter, 25 is perhaps the best accumulation of all of Fred Dodson's coaching and Reality Creation material in one place, which is worth the price of the book alone!

I can say without question, that sitting behind the microphone of this material for almost five years has shifted my whole perspective of life. From the "Levels of Energy" series to "Lives of the Soul" and more, these books have had a profound impact on who I am today, my consciousness, and my overall enjoyment of life.
Thomas Miller

All Audiobooks by Fred Dodson Narrated by thomas miller

Parallel universes of self

Springing from physics, and featured in science fiction, the “Parallel Worlds Theory” is an earth-shattering revision of our understanding of reality. It says, simply, that everything that can happen does. Universes branch and branch in time, one for every alternate possibility. Far more than an intellectual exercise, the parallel universe principle can be applied in personal reality and everyday life. You can “create” your reality by becoming the parallel-world version of yourself for whom the experience you want is already real. This is your roadmap, your guidebook, to Parallel Universes of Self.

Levels of Energy

All human emotions (energy) are put on a scale from 0 to 1,000 from low levels of energy to realms beyond the human experience on planet earth. Once the listener understands the concepts of this book (spectral consciousness), you will never view or experience life from the same perspective. 

An Introduction to Spectral Consciousness. This book on Levels of Energy, Emotion and Reality is dedicated to the Spiritual Development of mankind.

The Reality Creation Technique

How to focus energy in the form of thought, word and deed to attract, create and manifest wealth, health and love. Beyond the shallow waters of new-age, “law of attraction” and conventional motivational psychology there is a deep well from which you derive unbending determination and strength.

That source is within you and can be awakened to achieve anything. The Reality Creation Technique is the most speedily effective method to help you make your dreams come true.

Intuition training

Intuition is the ability to understand something instantly, without the need for conscious reasoning.The Dictionary lists these synonyms: 
Hunch, Foreknowledge, Inspiration, Perceptivity, Premonition, Presentiment, Gut Feeling, Innate Knowledge, Insight.

It also lists the following synonyms, although these are actually different than Intuition: Clairvoyance, Second Sight, Sixth Sense, Discernment, Gut Feeling and Instinct. 

As a humans evolve to their next higher version, they will live more from intuition than the old body-mind reactions. Contrary to popular belief, intuition is more accurate than any other source. I owe much of my own success and happiness to it. Many of my decisions are made in contradiction to normal reasoning. The purpose of this book is to look at Intuition from many different angles so that you attain a clear sense of this precious gift and take a leap to higher consciousness.

The communication course

Communication and Self-Confidence go beyond what you say and do. They are matters of consciousness and energy-exchange. This book addresses everything you wanted to know about Communication that is not taught in Academia or Corporate Courses because they dismiss ideas about “consciousness” and “energy”. Learn how to send good vibes, neutralize bad vibes, speak publicly, strengthen your aura and presence, develop humor and integrity and be spontaneous in your self-expression.

reality creation and manifestation

This is a complete compendium on the Reality Creation Teachings and organizes hundreds of articles and research papers written over the past 20 years. Use this as a guide and training manual on reality creating, the law of attraction, manifesting, consciousness and achieving your dreams and goals through the power of focus, imagination, emotion, belief and action.

The Miracles of Attention and awareness

You can direct, open, focus, shift, deepen and expand Awareness for an ever increasing influence on Reality and an ever enjoyable Journey through life. This book supports you in making your dreams and aspirations come true.

increase your energy

The focus of this book is on increasing your level of energy, consciousness and health. It covers a broad range of topics from weight loss to addiction release, to experiencing states of flow, states of bliss and beyond. Within you find numerous techniques and principles that have been tried and tested in more than 30 years of consciousness research by international author and speaker Frederick Dodson.

Hidden Realities

Ontologist Frederick Dodson explores the hidden realities he has encountered in three decades of consciousness research. The fascinating topics of this book range from supernatural perception, paranormal events, near-death-experiences and the afterlife to mystical synchronicity with names and numbers, miraculous events and personal accounts of the strange and amazing. This is some of the finest insight into the nature of reality and the unseen you have read so far.

success attracts success

This book is the result of 35 years of research into the determinants of success, performance, achievement and wealth. Based on many years of coaching-experience, research and real-life results, these are the definitive keys to abundant success in all areas of life.

journeys in spectral consciousness

This is Book 2 in the “Levels of Energy” series. Book 1 dealt with the spectrum of emotions and consciousness in everyday life. Book 2 addresses even lower and even higher realms of consciousness and the authors personal journeys through these realms. It also shows that the inner circles of the World Religions and ancient traditions are familiar with the levels of consciousness and are in fact puzzle pieces to understanding our place in the Universe. This book is fundamentally empowering and will help you understand the purpose of life and guide you to more freedom, love and ability.

Prosperity consciousness

Who are the richest people in the world and what can you learn from them for your own prosperity? What are the psychological and spiritual factors involved in wealth-creation? How can you generate passive income? How can you develop more mental toughness and pro-active power? What do Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity teach on how to get rich? What are millionaires’ thoughts, words and deeds that create their abundant reality? This book will help you understand and apply what it takes to become stronger, happier and richer.

magnetic wealth attraction

The rules of wealth have remained the same for thousands of years. Learn universal mindsets that will increase your financial abundance regardless of who and where you are. Results: Confidence in your ability to be of unique service to your fellow humans, comprehensive knowledge of simple Business Models that always work, the skills to generate passive income and the ability to fundamentally change your belief-patterns around the subject of money for lifelong financial stability from within. Frederick Dodson, author of Prosperity Consciousness and Success Attracts Success guides you through the most important processes to turn your life into an unending flow of riches for the benefit of yourself and the people you love.

being higher self

Consciousness Researcher and Success Coach Frederick Dodson explores the mysteries of Identity and Reality. This book begins where his bestselling book “Parallel Universes of Self” ended. Whereas other books talk about “contacting Higher Self”, this one teaches Being Higher Self – Being the highest version of you that you can be, following your true life’s purpose and accessing the essence of your spirit and soul that lies beyond the dualities of the mind. If you care about experiencing more joy, humor, love and bliss, this book is for you.

Realms of Consciousness

Fred Dodson rounds out the third audiobook in the “Levels of Energy” series with “Realms of Consciousness.” This book has new information and insights into the scale of energy first introduced in “Levels of Energy.” Then, nearly ten hours of practical life-application of the energy scale to help you achieve higher energies, and thus live a life of Higher Consciousness. 

Lives of the soul

This incredible book explores the journey of the soul after it leaves the physical body (death) and returns to the non-physical realm. Based on Fred Dodson’s personal experiences in meditation, lucid dreaming and out of body travel, this book is both enlightening and inspiring. If you have recently lost a loved one, this book is a perfect gift both to your friend or family but also to yourself.

Love, Sex and Soulmates

Fred Dodson’s only book dedicated to relationships. This book contains everything worth knowing about love, sex, male and female energy-polarity, conscious relationships and soulmates from the perspective of consciousness researcher and success coach Frederick Dodson.

Illumination Consciousness

Four powerful techniques/tools to assist you on your spiritual journey. “The Reality Creation Procedure,” “Letting Go,” “The Scaling Technique,” and “The Enlightenment Technique.” 

Each helps you take your current reality without resistance and move toward the reality you desire. Each very powerful by themselves, but tremendously powerful when combined! 

Essays on creating reality

A collection of articles on reality creation, raising your level of consciousness, empowered living, and increasing wealth, success, and ability as published throughout the Internet, all collected into one easily accessible volume.

Atlantis and the garden of eden

This examination of Atlantis shows the congruency between mythological accounts across the globe. The legends, folklore, mythology, religion of all cultures reference very similar fantastical events on lost ancient empires, extraterrestrials, giants, dwarves, supernatural beings, and many things hidden and secret. This book aims to present the tangible evidence for these myths.

ancient aliens of atlantis

This book is the continuation of the book Atlantis and the Garden of Eden. The research presented here points to the deeper reality of ancient extraterrestrial visitation and the existence of the pre-flood global civilizations we call “Atlantis” or “Lemuria”. Within this audiobook you will discover gems of untold history that have not been published anywhere before.

What Listeners are saying

"Quite Possibly The Best Of It's Kind" - I've been reading self help/personal development/spiritual books for over twenty years - Wayne Dyer - Deepak - Tony Robbins - Abraham Hicks - Pema Chodron, etc... I'm a bit of a junkie, so I feel more than qualified to say that while I love all the aforementioned authors, no one comes close to the profound, liberating and highly actionable messages in this book. And finally, Thomas Miller does a great job with narration. You couldn't ask for more.
K Maloo, Los Angeles
Parallel Universes of Self
"This man is one of the greatest thinkers ever!" - It takes Quantum Physics to a layperson’s perspective. Makes the material easy to understand and interesting. He gives an old subject new diversity. He is like the Einstein of Manifestation.
Levels of Energy
"The truth about Creation and Manifestation Revealed" - If you really want to know about how to be successful and happy get this audiobook. I am a fan of Fred's books because they are no B.S. and his techniques work. I highly recommend this for anyone with a goal or intention they want to achieve. This is not fluff, it's hard core instruction with exercises and specific steps. Reading Fred's books over the last 3 years had changed me in incredibly positive ways. If you want grow in integrity as well as be successful in your chosen path, get this book. Go for it!
Linda, New Mexico
Reality Creation & Manifestation
This book has so much info. I like the author's practical style, and love that he acknowledges the spiritual & energetic elements of success. This approach is sorely lacking in most self-help books. Overall, this was worth the time invested and I am sure to listen again to absorb the most value.
Succes Attracts Success
I really enjoy the books by Frederick E. Dodson and narrated by Thomas Miller. I'm not english native, but german, and I must say that his voice is so absolutely capturing. He adds a lot more value to the books and its content because of his narrating style. Thank you to both for such deeply stirring, touching and inspiring information.
Beafackler, Canada
Reality Creation Technique
"Thank You!" - Frederick Dodson is a brilliant communicator of practical tools and techniques for expanding consciousness. He uses common examples of everyday life to dispel the stories and belief systems we have developed to stay asleep. Expanded awareness of essence in form is available to all....
Daniel, St. Louis
Intuition Training
I have 15 of Fred's audiobooks and I have enjoyed and benefited greatly from all of them, but I like this one best of all. It resonates with my truth detector and the information is mind blowing. I kept going back and replaying the chapter I just listened to because it is so fascinating and relevant to my life intentions. If you are metaphysically minded and interested in improving your life, this book is a treasure. Thomas Miller's narration is impeccable.
Linda, Placitas, New Mexico
Lives of the Soul